Between Coffee

Between Coffee

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun | 11am-8pm 


Shop 20-2/F



Located in the heart of Tai Kwun, we are a coffee cafe that is rooted in community. It embraces its artful surroundings which are steeped in history, establishing its own culture of passion, art and design within its walls. With seasoned baristas roasting signature blends in house and crafting unique coffee cocktails, Between offers more than just coffee. To complement the extensive drinks menu are an array of dishes that emulate a Japanese cafe. Its communal seating invites you to linger and take time for contemplation with seating sculptures thoughtfully designed by HK-based architecture duo ESKYIU.





Promotion & Events

Simply Tea-lightful

To get you ready for the Lunar New Year, Between infuses traditional teas with creative new flavours for the new start.  Try our delectable Honey Chamomile Tea with chewy pear jellies or rich Pu'er paired with silky oat milk for delicate layers of taste and texture.  Wish you the best of luck with some special drinks!

Promotion Period : 9 Jan – 15 Feb 2023

Honey Chamomile Tea with Pear Jelly
Price : $53
Pu’er Tea Latte
Price : $48

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The Stories Behind...

Open up the storybook of Tai Kwun, and the stories behind the shops— in addition to the history—slowly unfold at Tai Kwun’s hidden spots. “The Stories Behind” video series narrates the hidden stories of Tai Kwun’s shops & restaurants, where you discover the beautiful people and surrounding objects, and explore the beauty of life inside the historical compound.

Between Coffee

Spaciously tucked inside JC Contemporary, a speciality coffee destination awaits your discovery. Step inside, explore the creative space and follow their brand stories. You will find that Between Coffee offers more than just coffee, with its unique integration of art into everyday life.

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